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Business and Industries in Anklesvar

Industry in Ankleshwar

If any city can be termed as the chemical hub of India Ankleshwar will surely fit the bill. There are more than 1000 chemical factories located in and around the city. They produce various types of materials such as chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, bulk drugs etc. In addition to these, the city also has many more units dealing in textiles, engineering goods, plastic, rubber and petroleum products located in and around it.

A lot of credit for such industrial developments of the town goes to Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation, an enterprise of the Gujarat State Government. Therefore, we should first look into the contributions made by the Corporation in the field of industrial growth.

Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation

Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation, popularly referred as GIDC, was established under Gujarat Industrial Development Act, 1962. Its specific aim was to accelerate industrial development of the state and to do that they took up threefold program. They began by identifying locations suitable for development of industries. Then they set up industrial estates with ready-to-occupy factory sheds at the chosen sites. Lastly they built infrastructure suitable for smooth running of industries.

GIDC Estate in Ankleshwar

Today GIDC has around 300 industrial estates all over Gujarat and the one at Ankleshwar is said to be the largest among them. It was chosen as a chemical hub; but it houses many other kinds of industries as well.

Why Anklesvar?

Ankleshwar was chosen for its convenient location. Oil fields located nearby provided enough raw materials for growth of petro chemical industries. In addition, the location of the town is such that transportation of raw materials as well as finished goods is easy. Apart from an excellent network of roads and railways, the city also has Dahej Port located nearby.

GIDC Estate at Anklesvar

The GIDC Estate in Anklesvar was established in the early seventies. It is located on National Highway 8, close to the Delhi-Mumbai railway line. Both the railway station and the bus depot are located close by. The estate is spread over 1600 hectares of land and has all kinds facilities required for smooth running of industries. There are more than 1200 units within this estate, most of which manufacture different types of chemical products.

Facilities at the Ankleshwar GIDC Estate

Just as in all other GIDC Estates, the one in Ankleshwar has ready-to-occupy sheds, good roads with proper lighting, continuous power and water supply, proper drainage system etc. Besides, it also offers other essential amenities like community halls, police station, post office, banks, hospitals, shopping complexes etc located conveniently. Consequently, many medium and small scale industries have up their units within this estate. In fact, the facilities are of such high order that even big industries like Sun Pharmaceuticals, Asian Paints, Glaxo India Ltd etc have chosen the GIDC Estate over individual addresses. 

Ankleshwar Industrial Association formed by the member industries is another plus point of this place.

Ankleshwar Industrial Association

Ankleshwar Industrial Association

Ankleshwar Industrial Association was formed in 1976 by the industries located within the Ankleshwar GIDC Estate. Since its inception, the Association has taken many proactive steps not only to help the member industries, but also the society at large, here are few of them:
  • Grievances faced by member industries are redressed at the earliest
  • Members are encouraged to take part in the infra-structural development of estate
  • Small scale industries are provided guidelines in legal matters
  • Activities related to environmental preservation and pollution control are encouraged.
  • Creation of green belt in and around the estate is encouraged. 
  • The Association not only takes proper steps in managing disasters, but also aims to prevent it where possible. 
  • It also aims to create awareness among the people of the town about various relevant issues.

Therefore, we see that Ankleshwar Industrial Association not only aims to work for betterment of industrial scenario of the town, but it works for the overall betterment of the town.

Industries in GIDC Estate 

Industries in GIDC Estate

Many large, medium as well as small scale companies have set up their units in Ankleshwar GIDC Estate. They mostly manufacture chemicals that are required in pharmaceutical as well textile industries. Following are some of them:

Asian Paints (Phthalic Division)
Plot No: 2702 GIDC Estate
Phone: 02646-302-823.

Asian Paints (Paint Division)
Plot No: 2602 GIDC Estate
Phone No: 02646-308-000 / 308-001

Atul Ltd
Plot No: 297, GIDC Estate
Phone No: 02646-253-389, 98241-16482

Bayer Cropscience Ltd
Plot No: 6301-10A, GIDC Estate
Phone No: 02646-250-738, 221-113, 220-812, 221-358

Cadila Pharma
Plot No: 294 GIDC Estate
Phone No: 02646-251-519

Diamond Dye-Chem Ltd (Unit I and II)
Plot No: 6216 and Plot No: 800, GIDC Estate
Phone No: 02646-221-703, 221-890, 227-58, 89800-23682

Ewac Alloys Ltd.
Plot No: 7917, GIDC Estate,
Phone No: 02646-21104, 51071

Glaxo India Ltd
Plot No 3109, GIDC Estate;
Phone No: 2646 220 173 / 220-373 /251-8

Glenmark Generics Ltd
Plot No: 3109-C, GIDC Estate,
Phone No: 02646-222-265, 99250-30623

Gujarat Insecticides Ltd

Plot No: 805/806, GIDC Estate,
Phone No: 02646-22271, 20032, 50305, 51472

Heubach Colour Pvt. Ltd
Plot No: 9003-10, GIDC Estate,
Phone No: 02646-51623, 52160

Industrial Solvents & Chemicals Ltd
Plot No: 7906 - 09, GIDC Estate,
Phone No: 02646-239551

Ion Exchange (I) Ltd
Plot No: 5811-13, GIDC Estate,
Phone No: 02646-302700

Lupin Ltd
Plot No: 124, GIDC Estate,
Phone No: 02646-252699

Meghmani Organics Ltd
Plot No: 5001/B, GIDC Estate
Phone No: 02646-222971

Pfizer Ltd
Plot No: 307, GIDC Estate
Phone No: 02646-220620

Rallis India Limited
Plot No: 3301, GIDC Estate,
Phone No: 02646-250393

Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Plot No. 4708, GIDC Estate
Phone No: 91-2646-222-285
Fax No: 91-2646-251424

Suzlon Fibres Ltd
Plot No: 129, GIDC Estate,
Phone No: 02646-224049, 224050

United Phosphorus Ltd
Unit 1: Plot No: 117-118, GIDC Estate,
Unit 2: Plot No: 3405-06, GIDC Estate
Unit 3: Plot No: 3101-2, GIDC Estate
Phone No: 02646-251189, 250578

Vishal Mallables Ltd
Plot No: 85/2, GIDC Estate
Phone No: 02646-22267, 21166

Wockhardt Ltd
Plot No: 138, GIDC Estate
Phone No: 02646-51293, 51316

Business and Industries outside GIDC Estate

At ONGC Oil Field

However, industrial scenario in Ankleshwar is not confined to GIDC Estate. There are many other companies located outside it. For instance, the Chemical Division of Godrej Industrial Ltd has an integrated plant located at Valia. It manufactures products like glycerin, fatty acid, fatty alcohol and surfactants from vegetable oil. A large part of the products manufactured at this plant is exported to other countries. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation is another such company that has its office at Ramnagar in Anklesvar.

ONGC in Ankleshwar

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation is a Public Sector Undertaking set up on 14th August, 1956 by the Government of India. It is the country’s largest oil and natural gas Exploration Company operating under the control of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. It also produces 69% of crude oil and 62% of natural gas produced in India. The company has 11 assets across India, Ankleshwar being one of them.

It is to be noted that any property that produce oil and gas is known as an asset and a place where only exploration is taking place is known as a basin. The asset in Ankleshwar consists of 26 field and they together has 1822 wells. Therefore we can see that the area produces a substantial amount of crude oil. To supervise work the company has an office in Muktidham Society in Ramnagar area of Ankleshwar. It functions under the aegis of an Executive Director.

To know more about ONGC establishment at Ankleshwar you may call at 02646-237-607 and 02646-241-508

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